Real Venice at Somerset House

One more week to go…

Fourteen internationally renowned photographers were invited to visit Venice and create a portfolio of images. Each photographer has donated an edition of their portfolio to be sold in aid of Venice in Peril.

Real Venice is an exhibition of a selection of photographers who have donated these images to raise funds to preserve the sinking city.

These are very good photographers. Not all to my taste, but all excellent in their own way. The exhibition itself is testament to the power of photography as art and documentary and the astonishing variety which is possible within the broad scope of this assignment.

The full website with prices and for the original artwork can be found here. The site also has decent resolution images for web viewing, so if you cannot get to London for the show then they can be seen here.

I particularly liked Hiroshi Watanabe, Jules Spinatsch, Mimmo Jodice, and the street work of Tim Parchikov. Standing above the others for me though were Nan Goldin and Philip-Lorca Dicorcia.

The catalogue is available on Amazon. I didn’t buy it on the day for two reasons; firstly my bag was already very heavy and I still had quite a bit of walking to do, and secondly at £35 it’s a bit dearer than usual. If a catalogue costs less than £25 and I like the images I will always buy it, but £35 requires a bit more thought – I have to really really like it. I think I probably will get it from Amazon at some point.

Overall – Highly recommended!!