Paul Graham exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery

I have seen this exhibition recommended in a few places.

I was not very familiar with his work, but it was very impressive and the display was exceptionally well done.

I bought the catalogue. (A bit expensive at £35, but I felt I needed to spend some time with the images to get a better understanding of what’s going on.)

Highly recommended. Runs until 19th June.

Update: Having had a chance to properly peruse the catalogue I’m of the feeling it’s pretty marginal at £35. Some of the images are reproduced in a teeny-tiny size; I understand why they’ve done it – to try to give a feeling of how the images should be displayed in the gallery, but really on a 12×12 page having an image smaller than 2×2 is a bit much. The impact would have been much stronger if the images had been reproduced at decent sizes one per page, leafing through would serve as a nice substitute for walking along the wall. Also the reproduction of some of the colour images is poor – they are too dark. Sometimes you get the two evils combined!! My favourite part of the whole exhibition – the man mowing the lawn loses 99% of its appeal in the book. Pretty poor job on the book, which I stupidly bought on the run because I needed to get back to work before the end of my lunchbreak.

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