X100 – niggles and annoyances

1. Startup time.

This is really a bit slow. I can’t think of a recent digital camera that is so slow to get going. I find myself counting 1,2,3,4 just to give it time to wake up.

And as bad as it is coming out of OFF mode, it’s even worse coming out of power standby. Reminds me of a photocopier.. (I believe Fuji make copiers – is this a co-incidence???)
My internal monologue goes something like:

Will it wake up or won’t it?
will it – won’t it?
should I switch it off and on again?
Ah wait there is something.
No – has it crashed?
Oh now it seems to be on.

Possibly they can make some improvements in firmware. I hope so. The key for now seems to be simply being patient and do an internal 4 second count.

2. Teeny tiny OK button in the middle of the Command Dial. Really this thing is more appropriately sized for the forefinger of my 2-year-old daughter! Have to use the inside edge of my thumbnail. Must remember not to trim it too close or round, otherwise I’ll not be able to access the menus for a week until it grows back!

3. Exposure compensation dial is a little close to the edge of the camera. I’m constantly changing the darned thing without meaning to, sometimes with my thumb, but usually as I put the camera into and take it out of my jacket pocket. At least it’s easy to see that I’ve messed it up, but I’m developing the habit of checking it frequently.

4. There are an awful lot of buttons to remember. Different ones launch different things, but then require you to use the Command Dial to navigate, or another button. Eventually one gets used to this I suppose, but as a user interface design it’s not ideal. Some things are accessed via the menus, some things cannot be. Weird and confusing. It all just seems needlessly complicated and such a tremendous contrast to the analogue control dials.

These are not by an means deal-breakers and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think they should not buy the camera simply because of these things.

Probably none of these can be addressed with the current iteration of the hardware. So something for Fuji to think about for the X100 MkII.

5 thoughts on “X100 – niggles and annoyances

  1. Craig, great site. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it’s good to have others out there to compare notes with. I have had the X100 for two weeks now and that short space of time have found it to be just the camera I want for street photography. I am sharing my own X100 journey at:


    I have posted my thoughts on similar issues, and you’ll see that I have very quickly adapted to these initial niggles to the point where I don’t really notice them now.

    I’ll keenly be following your own blog. Thanks a lot.


  2. Next time my right thumbnail needs cutting I am going to give it a special “Fuji X100 OK button” trim with a suitable projection at the right hand end. Although I am getting used to it – better hit rate than a fortnight ago when the camera arrived. The same with various other niggles – I love the camera for its virtues and have mostly forgotten the defects, real as they are.

    Great blog, Craig.

  3. Thanks Ken,

    Much speedier now though with my new 45Mb/s SD card.

    Now tolerable, though still no speed king.

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