X100 – firmware hopes

1. Command Control – in the manual it says that it has the same effect as pushing the Command Dial left and right.

Except it doesn’t. Or only sort of. It would be very useful if it did!!

In particular pushing the command dial right button immediately starts to cycle you through the flash settings. But on the Command Control you first have to activate the flash cycle by pushing the Command Dial, and then the Command Control will cycle you through the options.

I like fill-flash with this type of camera, and it would be dead useful if simply pushing the Command Control to the right would allow cycling through the flash settings in the same way.

Even better would be the option to allow the Command Control to be customisable too.

2. The RAW button. Obviously – allow it to be customisable.

3. The Fn button.

Firstly allow a wider range of choices.

Secondly allow it to cycle though the choices available or at least work in conjunction with the Command Control. For example at the moment – say you have it set to ISO or ND Filter. You press the button and then have to take your eye away from the viewfinder to click up or down on the Command Dial until you get to the setting you want. This seems to be not very much of a shortcut to me. Certainly it is not at all easy to change these settings with your eye on the viewfinder.

I currently have mine set to Movie mode for the simple reason that it is the one useful setting where you can actually invoke it and begin recording (with the shutter button) without having to take your eye away from the viewfinder.

4. The Custom Settings menu. It’s okay, mildly useful as is, but it would be nice if it could work like the Canon DSLRs, which is to copy EVERYTHING currently set, not just the subset currently available. That would make it much more useful.

5. Startup time. Oh please oh please can it be made a little faster.

And a few pictures… What are you using yours for?

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