X100 configuration – part 1 – ssshhh

The X100 is the kind of futuristic/retro hybrid that only the Japanese could do.

My very own steampunk camera!

Anyway, it’s taking a bit of time to figure out exactly how to set her up, still lots of experimentation going on.

Easy things:
1. Setup Menu – Operational Volume -> set to OFF.
2. Setup Menu – Shutter Volume -> set to OFF.
3. Setup Menu – Image Display ->set to OFF.
4. Setup Menu – Silent Mode -> set to OFF.
5. Settings Menu – Sharpness -> set to MEDIUM-SOFT.
6. Settings Menu – Noise Reduction -> set to LOW.

So just these four things make for a silent experience with no chimping. I’m sure this will help with battery life too. I’m easily getting > 300 shots per charge.

The shutter is unbelievably quiet, if there is any ambient noise at all you cannot tell from the sound when you have tripped the shutter. Good for shooting from the hip.

Why switch Image Disp. to OFF? Well, when using the OVF I really don’t want the image coming up in EVF mode in the viewfinder. Review is still available on the LCD by pushing the green Play button to check exposure, etc. But this way it’s much easier to get into the same kind of groove as you do with a film RF camera and just concentrate on shooting, not interrupting the flow, and possibly missing important moments by checking the images all the time.

Until we get ACR support for the X100, and while I still feel like I’m really experimenting, I’m shooting JPG.

So even, perhaps especially, in JPG mode I have set the sharpening down a notch. Easy to push up in post if necessary.

Also with the NR, I have set it down to minimum. In general I’d rather have detail with extra noise and if the picture needs NR then do it in LR or Topaz DeNoise if necessary. Even with NR set low however I’m astounded by the high-ISO ability of this camera. My subjective impression is that it is not very different to my 5D2. I will leave proper comparisons to DXOMark, I really don’t think amateurs (including myself) are to be trusted in their methodology.

A few pre-sunrise images.

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