Creative Cloud finally up and running.

I decided to take advantage of the “Photographers’ Bundle” on Adobe CC. £8 per month for the first year for LR and PS.

But alas, it turns out that you can’t use LR5 on OSX 10.6.8, it requires at least 10.7.

In the short term I could use DXO Optics Pro 9 to convert to DNG, or indeed the Adobe DNG converter and still run LR4. But as we’re paying the subscription I wanted LR5.

No problem I thought, the upgrade to OSX 9.x Maverick is free. But no! Our MacPro is too old (by a couple of months) to take the newer versions of OSX. But an upgrade to 10.7 Lion should be possible. After much seeking on the Apple website it turned out it was possible to buy via download for £14. Well that’s a lot cheaper than a new system, so wait for a code via mail, redeem from the store, run the download…

No that didn’t work very well. After many hours on the support line with Apple eventually the download happened. Upgraded to Lion (took quite a while but eventually completed and seems to be running fine).

Installed LR5 via the cloud control panel. Upgraded the catalogue, which took a couple of hours.

And now finally voila! I can import the ARW files from the A7R directly into LR, and will only use DXO where it seems necessary.

It was long and a bit painful, but it should mean we can get another 12-18 months out of the MacPro system before we need to get a new Mac/PC. At the moment I have to say a PC looks a lot more likely, although the new MacPros are technological works of art it’s possible to get a Dell Precision Workstation which will be just as fast for photography work (we really don’t need 4K video editing) at maybe 50% of the price of the Mac.

iMacs are nice, but top out at i5 processors! And the monitors are rubbish for colour accuracy.

Anyway, all is good for now.

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