A7R image processing workflow…

I’m still running on V4 of Lightroom at the moment, I haven’t upgraded yet because I’m not sure what kind of CC subscription (if any) to go for.

So in the meantime, processing the ARW files first through DXO Optics Pro9, outputting as DNG. Files look good.

But using the PRIME noise reduction and letting it do its thing with highlight recovery, etc. it takes hours to process the files. I don’t mind this particularly.

I had to do a lot of housekeeping on the old Mac Pro yesterday, clearing space on both the home drive and the media drive in order to be able to get the processing done and cope with a large influx of 40Mb files.

Loving the new DXO Filmpack v4 – used it to make a nice first A3 BW print of a picture of Lauren that I took on Saturday morning with the FE35. Will post in the link here. Of course there was nothing in either the shot or the print that really required a 36Mp image, but this I know. Most of the time a 12, 16 or 22Mp image is more than adequate. The 36Mp is for the edge cases where I need a very large print. Even so, there was some impressive detail in the centre of the frame.

Will upload the image later.

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