A7R first thoughts…

So I’ve now had my new A7R for a weekend and made maybe 250 shots.

I’ve been a Canon DSLR user (20D, 5D, 5DMkII) for the last 9 years, so the A7R is going to take quite a lot of adjusting to.

Main impression is that it’s a device for the enthusiast consumer, not the professional. That suits me fine because I am an enthusiast consumer, not a professional.

It’s nice and small and comfortable in the hand. I’m not mad keen on the overall button placement and so on, but it’s okay.

Menus and default button configuration is fine. Internet pundits can go overboard on this – the basic idea seems to be that if for some reason the engineers and designers haven’t done it exactly the way that the pundit thinks they should have, it’s because they are stupid and not photographers, rather than that they have thought about it and come to a different conclusion to the pundit who couldn’t possibly be rather opinionated and set in their ways.

The only thing I’ve done immediately is to disable the Control wheel <-> ISO mapping. The rest I think I can see why they’ve set it up as they have, and am going to try to adjust myself before adjusting the camera.

I’m not a technical specialist but the centre-resolution using the FE35@ISO100 is completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen before at 100% zoom – combination of a great lens and no AA filter I guess. And this is a 36Mp camera, so it’s certainly looking like the camera will be capable of very large prints from this compact setup. Main job done. Too soon to tell definitively of course, but looking very promising at the moment.

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