After rather a long hiatus, during which time very little photography has been done.

The most miserable English summer in a hundred years.

The best Olympics ever.

Lots of swimming.

Personal time down to almost nothing.

Oh well. A few pictures at least.

2 thoughts on “Norfolk

  1. lovely shots Craig, You still liking the X100 as much as ever? It was my main camera when I came to UK. I was lucky when I came to UK that I missed all the rain, I think it rained only 5 times in the 6 weeks I was there. Saw a lot but had such a short time in London it was such a rush that I had no chance to meet up with any internet friends. maybe next time. I was a little disappointed that I never got further up than south Wales. One day I hope to do Yorkshire and Scotland

    • Thanks Julie,

      Still loving the X100, but it’s been a very quiet year for photography for me.

      I saw you were round and about, but hardly in London at all.

      Catch you next time. 🙂

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