Victoria & Albert Museum

I had the day off. Two choices – either go to Somerset House to see the Venice Photos, or to the V&A to the photo galleries.

Dithered a bit then decided on the V&A because it was closer and I’d read a review, and it was recommended in Time Out. Will get to the Venice exhibition next week.

The layout of the V&A is very confusing, the photos being split across 2 locations. The temporary one being downstairs in Level 1 and the more permanent upstairs on Level 3.

Apparently the section on Julia Margaret Cameron has been recently revised or included. Interesting. All very and intentionally soft, and quite unsettling for it. As you move towards them from across the room they go from seeming reasonably sharp to getting very soft and ghostly. Obvious metaphors abound and it really is refreshing to see some classic prints that eschew the camera enthusiasts’ obsession for sharpness at any cost. Even in her day this was true, and her pictures were a reaction against that to some extent. No doubt she would be an exponent of Lomography were she alive today.

I also discovered the print room. But that deserves a post of its own.

Took the X100 along of course, made a few random shots. The V&A is a beautiful building crammed full of beautiful objects.

Even managed a self portrait.

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